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The Society was founded in 1962, since when its achievements have been many and varied. The principal aims of the Society are to make our town a pleasant and interesting place in which to live and work, to make it attractive to visitors and to make it a place of which we can be justly proud. Burton upon Trent has an historic heritage and the Burton Civic Society plays an active part in promoting and celebrating awareness of the historic heritage of our town and helping to shape its future.


In pursuit of these aims we seek

  • To preserve what is best from the past and to ensure that future developments improve the character of the town.

  • To encourage high standards of architecture and planning in Burton upon Trent.

  • To promote awareness of the history, character, amenities and appearance of the town.

  • To promote tourist potential.

  • To represent the opinions of members on these matters in the most effective way to the authorities concerned.

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The Focus of Our Efforts


Preserving what is best from the past

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